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Posted 2021-06-25 17:25:04 by

Acknowledging that OME is a climate neutral fuel which can used on diesel engines but has not yet been demonstrated in an operational environment, this workshop aims at creating the foundation for the first pilot in the maritime sector combined with a sustainable small scale production facility. Two excellent speakers Dr Marcel Van der Sluis from Chemcom in Groningen (NL) and Dr Knut Henriksen from Scanwatt (NO) will be informing the webinar about the applicability and sustainability of the OME, in addition to production technologies and challenges.

The webinar will enable participants to discuss openly the potential of, and interest in, setting out the course for a cross-border innovation project. To allow the OME to be demonstrated and validated, the organisers foresee five strands of actions:

  1. Adaptation and optimisation of diesel engine for OME use, including verification in lab
  2. Small scale OME production facility
  3. Piloting on ship
  4. Standardisation of OME for maritime applications
  5. Sustainability and viability of OME in the shipping sector

Dr Henriksen will take the lead in setting up the production facility with Chemcon’s technology at its core. Partners are sought for the additional activities.

This workshop is relevant to regional / national representatives of ports, shipping companies, engine producers, ship designers and ship builders who could be interested in joining Dr Henriksen’s OME-initiative.

Please register for the MS Team workshop by clicking this link.

This webinar is being hosted by the PERISCOPE Interreg project which aims at establishing a permanent innovation ecosystem in the North Sea Region to grow transnational innovation partnerships for sustainable business development in emerging blue markets.

PERISCOPE is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2021.