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Posted 2021-07-15 13:32:39 by

MSE International is promoting this Invitation To Tender under the ICE (Intelligent Community Energy) project which is accelerating the energy transition in communities which presently lack adequate access to zero or low-carbon energy resources. See more on the ICE project here.

As a cross-border project, participation of organisations in Southern England and Northern France is expected. This ITT is being run in parallel with a similar procedure on the French side of the Channel. The French ITT is led by the French marine cluster organisation, PMBA, targeting French SMEs. This ITT is led by MSE, targeting British SMEs only.


The ICE project has identified a number of priority island territories, in the Channel region, where the potential for accelerating the energy transition is greatest. On the UK side these include:

• Scilly Isles
• Alderney
• Sark

These islands possess a variety of renewable resources that could, potentially, be tapped to generate electricity and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation and heating. Such islands generally have no connection to the mainland grid (Alderney and Sark) or have a grid connection but of limited capacity and/or reliability (Scillies).

All these territories have a requirement for a locally-managed grid that can absorb intermittent electricity generation/supply and distribute electricity to meet customer demand. Energy storage is part of this system.

The goal of the tendered activity is to define a suitable arrangement for this locally managed micro-grid system and to describe the case for investment in implementing the identified solution.

In line with this goal, the objectives of the work to be undertaken by the tenderer are to:

1. Define a micro-grid and energy storage arrangement that could help meet the decarbonisation requirements of one of the above islands, and one or more use-cases that are representative of the island’s energy resource use;

2. Determine how the proposed arrangement would satisfy the requirements of that use-case, highlighting the benefits it could offer in terms of carbon reduction and cost of energy;

3. Estimate the capital cost of the micro-grid and energy storage solution and how these costs could be justified by the benefits.

Financials & Schedule:

The maximum cost of the tendered activity is £20,000 (excluding VAT). The work must be completed and the final invoice submitted to MSE no later than 30 November 2021.

It is anticipated that the successful tenderer would seek to invest in advancing key elements of their proposed solution. Tenderers should indicate any plans they have to do this, and the level of investment they propose to make.

Submission Procedure:

Tenderers are required to submit a proposal with the following sections, with a closing date of midday (12:00 BST) on Monday 2nd August 2021.

The email address for submission is:

  1. Proposer Details (1 page max)
  • Company name, location, VAT and registration numbers
  • Size of company (number of staff, annual turnover, balance sheet value)
  • Areas of expertise and web URL
  • Contact person details

2. Proposed Activities (3 pages max)

  • Outline of the proposed project and how it addresses the tender requirements
  • Key technologies and innovations involved in progressing the activities
  • Implementation plan in the form of task descriptions, deliverables and schedule
  • Intended market impacts of the project and implementation risks

3. Technical Credibility (2 pages max)

  • Track record of the proposer in relevant fields
  • Resumes of key staff

4. Financials (1 page max)

  • Fixed price of the proposed activities
  • Description (scale and focus) of any intended investment in further enhancing the proposed solution