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Posted 2017-08-16 11:45:02 by Admin
The Horizon 2020 COLUMBUS project aims to identify and transfer unexploited knowledge, generated by EU
funded science and technology research, to actors with the potential to capitalise on it resulting in measurable
value creation. Marine knowledge is generated, to a large extent, through analyses and application of the
data and information obtained through monitoring and observation of seas and oceans.

The purpose of these guidelines is to (i) raise awareness of the issues which hinder effective engagement of industry with marine observatories and related data-sharing initiatives, (ii) stimulate an informed debate between public data collectors/providers, data portal managers and data users/providers from the private sector, and (iii) formulate possible solutions to overcome some of the identified barriers which ultimately lead to increased use and provision of marine data by and from industry.

The Good Practice Guide can be downloaded from the COLUMBUS website at the following link: